Cobalt Everything v8.762 – CCK Content Designer for Joomla

Cobalt Everything v8.762
Cobalt Everything v8.762

Cobalt Everything v8.762 – CCK Content Designer for Joomla

Cobalt Everything v8.762 – SSK components are popular among webmasters because they allow you to create multi-functional sites without using other extensions. And one of the best content builders is the complete Cobalt 8 package . With the help of this ССК-extensions you can organize a convenient file manager, beautiful galleries, blogs, a forum, a bulletin board, an online store and many other types of web resources. And working with Cobalt 8 is simple, it allows you to build a site brick by brick, which ultimately leads to a strong wall of the Internet project.

Features of the Cobalt Designer:
1. In Cobalt 8, it is convenient to create links between content by linking materials to a specific type, category, or even between different types.
2. In this constructor there is a complete set of tools allowing you to post, process, search, display and filter any type of content within one section or category. To work with information is a very valuable quality.
3. There are add-ons for robocash and PayPal
4. Cobalt 8 has a well-implemented tag system, when not only the site administrator, but also users can tag their tags for articles, and then filter materials according to these tags.
5. The designer has implemented a complete set of Joomla SEF functions that allows you to bind to Google Analytics, enter meta tags, prohibit or allow scanning of materials, as well as providing many other features of the SEO.
6. Thanks to Cobalt 8, you can streamline e-commerce by selling some content directly or receiving a commission on every purchase.
7. With the help of this designer QR codes are easily created, which allows it to correspond to the spirit of modernity.
8. Cobalt 8 has the ability to provide site users with access to edit content, and they can even create their own home pages in any section, making their own set of categories and other options for customizing the site according to their preferences.

You can note the function of exporting and importing data into CSV, as well as in XML, INI and JSON formats. Implemented in Cobalt 8 convenient commenting system with the connection of social networks or modules like JComments. This designer is notable for its high performance, calmly maintaining the load on sites with hundreds of thousands of articles. In general, to find out all the features of Cobalt 8, you need to install it and start learning. In one article, all these opportunities are difficult to imagine.

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