[TH] Reactions Plus v1.0.1

[TH] Reactions Plus v1.0.1
[TH] Reactions Plus v1.0.1

[TH] Reactions Plus v1.0.1

[TH] Reactions Plus v1.0.1 – [TH] Reactions Plus is a Themehouse plugin that will help you expand the “reactions” system on your XenForo 2 forum. Choose who can use reactions, on which nodes they can be used, and set up automatic moderation based on the reaction rating threshold set to users could help moderate the forum. [TH] Reactions Plus provides more ways to use reactions.

Use custom criteria to select who can use the reaction
[*] Change the notification method by adding a verb for the reaction
[*] Add automatic moderation to tell, hide or delete messages that have reached the reaction rating threshold
[*] Set the threshold evaluation of reaction
[*] Select a forum where you want to use the automatic moderation
[*] Select the order for moderation
[*] Select the person for which approval will be carried out automatically
[*] Add a widget that displays the most popular The messages

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